Information for students studying Anatomy in English

In this section you will find all kind of information for the students in the English course of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology!


This book is recommended from the Department for studying of the anatomy of the central nervous system by medical and dental students

Anatomy books you may need :)


Anatomy second year topography book




1st year Medicine

pelvic girdle

Quadrilateral Space Syndrome

Femoral triangle

Femoral canal

Vascular lacuna

Muscular lacuna

Adductor canal


MCQs in Anatomy - All Systems for Dental students


This book contains all MCQs' database for the three semeters dental medicine course! You can buy it from the Bookshop - View Map



MCQs in Anatomy - Internal Organs & Topographic Anatomy

This book is for the students 2nd year anatomy, 1st and 2nd semester

MCQs in Anatomy - Locomotory & Central Nervous System

This book is for the students 1st year anatomy, 1st and 2nd semester


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